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Handling errors

In order to have descriptive error messages and codes on the server we use a generic error named AccountsJsError. This error provide a message property containing a descriptive error message (eg: "Email already exists"). It also provides a code property that is reflecting a constant value to the error (eg: EmailAlreadyExists).

Every public server function is exporting a custom enum describing all the possible errors.

You can catch errors and do some custom logic based on the error like this:

import { AccountsJsError } from '@accounts/server';
import { CreateUserErrors } from '@accounts/password';

try {
await accountsPassword.createUser({
// ...
} catch (error) {
if (error instanceof AccountsJsError) {
// You can access the error message via `error.message`
// Eg: "Email already exists"
// You can access the code via `error.code`
// Eg:
if (error.code === CreateUserErrors.EmailAlreadyExists) {
// do some custom logic
} else {
// Else means it's an internal server error so you probably want to obfuscate it and return
// a generic "Internal server error" to the user.